Thursday, April 17, 2008

i'm alive

So I know I've been neglecting the Chumblog for a bit now, but things have been quite hectic. Let's see, since my last post of the 29th of February, what all has happened in life? Hmmmm
  • well, I've received the rest of my rejection letters, as well as some accepts with no funding from Colorado and Tennessee, and one final notification that it isn't happening at Brandeis
  • I visited the University of Oregon up in Eugene for spring break
  • My laptop has been fried, which in turn ...
  • caused me to discontinue the online portion of my senior seminar project
  • I recently accepted the offer at Oregon
  • And today, my new lcd monitor came in the mail.
So that's a lot of exciting stuff. Add that to the stress and excitement of graduating from college. I really don't know what to think about it all. I'm super stoked about heading to the Northwest for a new adventure, but leaving Centenary will definitely be sad.

After my last major other obligation, my time has been increasingly dedicated to senior sem. Even though I neglected it for a time because I was annoyed with my computer and I just didn't care too much since I was already into school for next year, now I'm a wee concerned that I'm going to be embarrassed about the final project. So we are going to try and make sure that doesn't happen. In related new, the more I work on it the more I think I'd like to be an American historian. Shhh, don't tell that to the good folks at Oregon. I also was really keen on American for a time in the past, but then I really got into European when I was working more in that here at school, so hopefully that will happen again ;)

I mentioned a monitor came in for me. Yes, I don't have a working computer so it may seem weird, but I got it for a good deal on Newegg and the computer I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy this summer doesn't come with a display so I'll need one.

I really didn't have much to say on this blog, but blogger's photo uploader is quite sloow. I added some integrated links to the text to pass the time and help you reader's enjoy my loving contribution to web 2.0.

OKAY, well it looks like it's the slowness of my school's internet connex. Thank you kindly, Apogee.

EDIT: Everything except for google pages and blogspot is running smooth, so maybe this problem is on google's end. I guess that's what you get when one company runs the entire internetz. To Apogee, you don't deserve any apologies because you suck on a regular basis.

So I'll just sign off for now. The image was a screenshot of me running Ubuntu that demonstrated the compiz cube effect and transparent windows, as well as IEs4linux

EDIT: I uploaded it to facebook, but it's smaller res so you'll just have to deal...

Why run IE on any computer, much less a linuxbox, you ask. Well, I read that it helped to get IE up before you tried to fool with using Microsoft Word in Wine. Why not Writer you say? Well, frankly, I hate Oo.o so far, and am desperately trying to configure Word 2003 here. That's why.

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Ashley said...

Hey Parker! I didn't know you had a blog- when I saw your screen name in my comments I was worried I had been attacked by one of those commenters that link you to a virus! I was pleasnatly surprised to find you instead! Congrats on graduating and your decision to get a PhD in History. (Much better than French I think!) Oregon should be beautiful but it is awfully far from the Ridge! What a great adventure! Maybe I should knit you one of those grocery bags- they are pretty green out there. (Have you read -Blue Like Jazz- by Donald Miller? GREAT book and he talks some about his time at Reed and the culture of Oregon) Anyhow- great to hear about you. Best of luck!