Monday, June 2, 2008


Summer is here and I really haven't done much of anything. My room is hardly walkable due to the mounds of "stuff" and I am yet to find a job. Several things looked promising but fell through for various reasons, but I'm still hopeful. The most stressful thing is just getting to Oregon. The AAA Trip Calculator tells me it will cost a square $550 to take a 1998 4wd 4Runner to Eugene...and I would have a loaded-down 97 model :( I just have about half that in the bank right now, and that's only one expense I face in the months ahead.

One good note is that I did find a place to stay (hopefully) that is just half a mile from campus and fairly reasonable. And thinking about grad school is still exciting. I recently preffed to be a grader in Modern Europe, a section leader in Western Civ, or a grader in War in the Modern World. They all look interesting and have neat professors, so that should be fun. Of course it's very nerve-racking as well, since baby Centenary and it's 800 students didn't exactly prepare me for that inevitably odd TA-student relationship.

Anyways, one thing I wanted to do this summer was keep up the Saturday Morning Blue Plate Special via podcasting. This is a first rough test in that effort; I only dug up an old janky Labtec mic, and I'm not sure if it sounds good enough. But we shall see what Schleuss and the good folks at KSCL think.