Sunday, February 10, 2008

a fun show at an intimate, enjoyable venue

Last Saturday was a great day to be in Shreveport, LA. Fairfield Studios hosted an evening of fun with Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines (father of Natalie, outspoken member of the Dixie Chicks). For just a $20 donation that went straight to the artist, you got to hear some great music and storytelling, not to mention sample some tasty treats provided by a local caterer. Ms. Hendrix did most the singing, while Lloyd backed her up on dobro and other instruments. The songs were of an eclectic variety, with one even having a middle eastern feel to it.

My favorite song was entitled (I think) "If I had a Daughter." The verses were spoken word on what Terri would do if she had a daughter - what she would tell her, how she would raise her, etc - while the chorus was a simple melody exhibiting Ms. Hendrix's beautiful voice. Another song was a fun one about not petting an easily-excitable dog.

There were only about 40 or so people there, but that just added to the level of intimacy experienced by all. Terri and Lloyd told stories of learning about music, touring together, humorous incidents, and basically whatever was on their minds. This is the type of show that makes you wish big media and sell-out arena concerts just didn't exist.

But don't feel bad if you missed it. Anyone in the ShreveBo area should check out Fairfield soon. Any show they host should be a good one. Check their website for upcoming dates. You'll be glad you did.

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Amanda said...

Was this when we were at our conference? You didn't tell me about this.