Sunday, July 30, 2006

post concert...Ryan Adams at the Bijou in Knoxville, TN July 25th

okay, it's been a couple of days since my first live Ryan Adams & The Cardinals experience.

the show was a good one, albeit short. ryan didn't talk much, and may have gotten angry at opener and Cardinals member Neal Casal at the beginning. Ryan hit a few wrong notes (maybe, i'm not sure) and Neal made a comment like, "here with the Cardinals jugband we often play songs we don't know." Ryan called him over after that and they talked and I just assumed they were talking about technical/song stuff. But apparently RA had scolded him and Neal came back and said something like "I guess I just got fired," though I didn't hear that...I guess I wasn't paying much attention.

Then there was the like extremely long (upwards of 30 minutes) break between the opening and Ryan coming out. they opened with Trains and it was pretty pumped. but Ryan didn't talk at all until the very end and never seemed to be into it. at the end he complained about the air conditioning messing up the instruments and then left b/c of a curfew imposed by the venue?

many people complained on, and I never found out whether or not there was a curfew at the Bijou. I read an article in today's (Sunday) News Sentinel about the gig, and a Bijou spokesperson was quoted as saying the Bijou doesn't have a curfew but who knows. Ryan seemed pretty mad about it all.

but drama aside, I enjoyed the set. lots of new songs but that's okay. I really appreciated the Gram cover of A Song For You. I hope he comes back to the area and I can see him again.

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